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  • 2019


    New software for the sPocket available.

    In addition to some minor improvements, the software mainly includes activation of the DAB slide show and complete wireless remote control of the RLA4 antenna without additional software (see below).



    RLA4 goes IoT. The control unit for the cross-loop antenna RLA4 has been expanded to include a network processor and a WiFi module. The antenna can now be controlled wirelessly from any access point (e.g. WiFi router). If the router is connected to the Internet, control can even take place from anywhere in the world. Remote-controlled receivers (“Internet receivers”) can now be equipped with a remote-controlled, highly sensitive and directionally rotatable loop antenna.

    The software for controlling the antenna is fully integrated in our newer, WiFi-capable receivers (currently sPocket only, Pocket and RDR55 will follow). For all other applications, an app for Windows and other OS (Android, iOS, macOS in development) is available.



    Power packs with a circuit for generating the necessary 12 V operating voltage are available for the autonomous power supply of the sPocket (as well as Pocket and RLA4).



    The complete manual for the sPocket with all options (FM / DAB, Exciter ...) is now available for download on the sPocket page (within the section "Documentation").

    Visit our booth at the UKW-Fachtagung in Weinheim on September 7th, 2019! We have some new products with us!


    New control unit for RLA4 antenna available!

    The new control unit with a bright OLED display enables the setting and display of the reception direction directly in 1 steps. Furthermore, additional parameters such as the current power consumption are displayed.



    Many thanks to all visitors to our booth at Ham Radio! We were very pleased with the high level of interest in our devices and the many extremely expert discussions!



    The Ham Radio amateur radio expo will take place in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance from June 21-23. Of course, we attend, too! Our booth will be in Hall A1 (No. 836 on the western edge of the hall). We have demonstration equipment for each of our products. Above all, the big novelty this year is the public demonstration of the sPocket, which is now ready for series production. New Pockets with an improved FM module and our current RLA4 antennas which possess a fine-tuned direction of their rotation control are also displayed. We will only be able to bring a few devices for free sale. If you are interested, we ask that you pre-order to plan our transport capacities.


    We look forward to the many visitors and wish you a safe journey and lots of fun at the fair!


    Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered a sPocket!

    The pre-order phase ends on February 28th, 2019. All interested parties with a valid order confirmation will receive their devices in the next few weeks. And as was promised, all additional options are included free of charge.

    The first series with device types C (2x 16 bit ADC) is almost ready. Unfortunately, the housings are still missing. These have to go through many hands (material procurement, water jet cutting, CNC machining, chromating / anodizing, coloring / decor, assembly). There are always delays, especially because of the extraordinarily high sick leave everywhere this winter. We ask for your understanding.

    The versions D (4x 16 bit ADC), especially the very frequently ordered version D4 (with 100 mW Exciter 0.1 - 156 MHz), are manufactured immediately afterwards. We hope to be able to deliver these around the end of March / beginning of April.


    The firmware for all Pocket versions is online again. It contains some bug fixes and adjustments for the various versions. The upload software RDR51C now checks the version numbers of the firmware and WiFi driver for compatibility to warn the user from loading the wrong files.

    The sPocket won’t go into serial production this year. The first devices can be expected as early as february. We are accepting pre-orders beginning from 01.01.2019. The first 20 sold devices receive a free activation of all available software options (broadband spectrum up to 52.6 MHz, 8 FM-W filter for DX and high-end stereo, spectrum resolution up to 2.5 Hz / line).

    The popular RLA 4 crossloop antennas received updated internal electronics (board version “4G”). It now offers better signal-to-noise ratio, increased IP2 and IP3 values and an effective VHF filter. The additional feature “whip operation” is omitted again. It only o Die Zusatzfunktion “Whip-Betrieb” ist wieder entfallen. Only with a special setup (preferably high and far away from interfering sources), useful reception possibilites could be achieved. The three variants (now called D, E and F) with shielded and unshielded FR4 loops as well as stainless steel band remain.

    The “whip operation” will offer a special “RWA” variant in the future. It consists of symmetric setups (“Active dipole”), which are, like the RLA, arranged crosswise, while the receive direction can be rotated electronically. As the RLA, the RWA is designed for interior and mobile operation (small, light space-saving transportable thanks to its retractable telescope rods).

    Please consult our current price list with the now included sPocket and the newest versions of the RLA4 antenna!

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