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  • 2017


    After multiple requests, the RDR Pocket is now available in an additional version: C4. It combines the FM / 2 m / DAB(+) receiving unit with a broadband exciter similar to the RDA31 for the RDR 54 and 55 devices. Transmitting (max. 2.5 mW output) on every frequency from 100 kHz to 151 MHz in high quality is now available.

    New price list with dab modules for RDR 54/55 and Pocket C4.



    RDR Pocket software is available in the newest version: RDR Pocket.

    17 Bit and 18 Bit ADC module  (RAD17FF and RAD 18FF) with DAB receiving option will be available for RDR54/55 soon.

    New pricelist is valid (attached Pocket special equipment and battery exchange service).



    All preordered Pockets are delivered. We want to thank you for your patience and for the exceedingly positive feedback.

    We are currently designing and manufacturing the new Pocket devices which will be available in March. We are now accepting new orders. For the current price list, please check our  homepage.

    Naturally, the development of the Pocket software continues. After all, we haven’t exploited all of the Pocket’s abilities. The next updates will include:

    • Advanced display and adjustment options for DAB reception.
    • IQ signal recording through the flash recorder (approx. 150 kHz bandwidth). Possibility to save recording as WAV file on the PC.
    • Bluetooth connection from external microphone, loudspeakers, telegraph, headphones.


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