We manufacture various versions of our digital receivers RDR “Reuter Digital Receiver” as well as gadgets and antennas.





The RDR50 is a solid receiver deploying a 7” (18 cm) TFT display and touch screen control as well as an optical or magnetic rotary encoder. The signal processing with max. 5 Hz resolution is fully integrated on the mainboard. Deliverable with optionable VHF and TX (5 W KW-QRP transmitter) when ordering.                                                                 

RDR “Pocket”


The RDR Pocket is a small hand-held receiver for mobile operation.  It contains the complete RDR DSP with up to 10 Hz  spectrum resolution. The high-definition 4,3” display (800 x 480) is suitable for direct operation in daylight. A lithium-ion battery with up to 4 hours operating time is permanently installed. Deliverable with optionable VHF OR TX (5 W KW-QRP transmitter).

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The RDR53 is a portable receiver / transceiver (“Tablet” size) for mobile or desk operation. It contains the complete RDR DSP with full 2.5 Hz spectrum resolution. The super bright 8” wide field-of-view display enables vertical and horizontal operation. Deliverable with almost all of the RDR5x series options, also retroactively upgradeable.

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The RDR54 is a compact, modularly designed receiver with a 5” (13 cm) TFT display and keyboard as well as a magnetic rotary encoder with “turn-push-control”. It can be equipped with interchangeable modules to various extension levels, even later on.

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The RDR55 unites the modular design of the RDR54 with the big display and the touch control of the RDR50.  All RDR54 modules are deployable (with bigger front panels). Due to the bigger case, stronger power units and TX modules with increased performance will be available in the future.

Case and front panel are available as an upgrade kit for retrofitting the RDR54 and RDR55.

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Modules for the RDR54/55


The deployed modules define the functionality of the devices RDR54 and RDR55. Some modules like the display or the analog to digital converter are always necessary, whereas others can be used optionally.

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The RDR160 is a Hi-Fi VHF tuner with fully digitized signal processing. It is equipped with a quad ADC module, which is also available for receiving the LMK ranges in AM. A high-grade 24 bit stereo DAC is responsible for the audio output. With 16.9 inch (43 cm) width, the RDR 160 is a perfect match to common Hi-Fi equipment.

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The microphone equalizer RME1 is an audio device for editing NF signals. It allows the attachment of microphones and transceivers or common signal sources / -loads with diverse plug connectors (Jack, 8-pin round, RJ-45). The fully digitized signal processing and operation with 5” (13 cm) touch display includes ALC, compressor, equalizer and various more.




The broadband magnetic loop receiving antenna RLA is characterized by high signal levels and little inherent noise, despite its small measurements. It deploys two crossed, independent receiver loops with own amplifiers, whereby electronic direction rotation is allowed. New variant RLA4B with additionally shielded loops for enhanced interference suppression available! It also features an “electrical” or “whip” mode with omnidirectional reception.

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