The company "Burkhard Reuter" was founded on the 1st March 1992 as a private company in Dessau / Saxony-Anhalt. The main area of activity initially covered the production and distribution of personal computers in a retail store. In parallel, the own development and manufacturing of electronic modules from the measurement and radio technology fields began. These were distributed mainly as kits for private individuals till 1998.

As of 1995, the electronic development and manufacturing was then also offered as a service to commercial companies. Since then, this offer has been extensively used by some companies. We especially established a close cooperation with the german company AEROMARITIME Systembau GmbH. It led to many interesting and successful developments in the areas of communication electronics, defense technology, radar engineering and many more.

The then development manager of AEROMARITIME, an enthusiastic radio amateur himself, gave rise to our entry into the modern digital radio reception technology. As a result, various prototypes of receivers were designed since 1997, which were later (and are till today) designated as “SDR” Software Defined Receiver. Those were direct-conversion receivers with a broadband NF output, whose signal were digitized via a sound card CODEC, further processed via a 32 bit DSP and fed to a PC via RS-232 as a spectrogram. The “SDR software” for this purpose was also developed since 1997.

In 1999, we moved into an own building, the retail store and the PC distribution were dropped. The main area of activity now shifted to developing and contract manufacturing for other companies. Also, the further development of the SDR technology was pushed in parallel. Insufficient computing power of the PCs at that time as well as their general significant interference problems, environmental impact at production, operation and waste generation led to a change in the development direction to a standalone device with fully integrated digital signal processing.

As of the end of 1999, the multifunctional modular system “RMF-22” was developed as a basic unit for many purposes in the fields of control, measurement and radio technology. The “SDR” development was now integrated into this system. The necessary modules like analog to digital converters, fast graphics cards and high-performance signal processors. After switching from the by then most commonly used DSPs to the Cyclone series FPGAs of Altera, a performance was achieved, that finally allowed the design of devices with better properties as PC supported SDRs allowed.

In 2009, the first presentation of a “Standalone SDR with spectrum based signal processing” followed with the RDR54B.  Since then, these devices were further developed and enhanced, both the hardware as well as the software (integrated firmware). Other versions were also developed, to address different user groups (for example, price sensitive or mobile devices). Furthermore, devices which where delivered to other companies and distributed as a private label, were developed.

Today, the independent family business company “Konstruktion & Musterbau Burkhard Reuter” is the market leader for freely sold direct digitizing standalone receivers up to 160 MHz. The built-in spectrum based DSP is worldwide unique in consumer devices. Manufacturing and distribution of the devices as well as their constant enhancement are the main business area. Development and production of modules and devices as a service for other companies or private persons are also part of our activity.


Reuter K&M at Hamradio 2014, at the far right Mr. Reuter. To the left Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Ralph Menn (not employed by us) and unfortunately only seen from the back our hardware specialist Mr. Zimmer of the assembling company Zimmer. Also not in the picture is Marcus Maser, the son of the company owner, who is, among other things, responsible for this website and its english translation.