Here you will find special offers for our products or general devices, electronic components, decommissioned demonstration goods and the like.

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    RDR 160   Demonstration Device             € 2.999,-

  • High-End FM-Receiver with up to 80 dB stereo channel separation.
  • Spectrum-, Waterfall-, Oscillogramm-, Goniogramm-Display (CAP-Touch).
  • Immaculate condition, very slightly handling signs, 2 years full warranty.

    Antenna RLA4D / 4E (unshielded / black or shielded / blue)             € 350,- / 450,-

  • Fully functional with the latest amplifier.
  • Scratches on receiving elements and / or housing possible.
  • 1 year full warranty.

    RDR54C2 0 - 30 / 50 - 54 MHz     € 999,-

  • Demonstration / test device in good condition (minimal scratches on display or front panels).
  • New power supply (wide range 90 - 240 VAC without fan).
  • Very high IM strength, moderate sensitivity (larger antennas or preamplifier recommended).
  • SBSP "Generation I" (slightly digital sound, extremely high selectivity).
  • Additions possible: Silent magnetic encoder, FM range, preamplifier, TX/RX switch, 0.5 W wideband exciter, audio module with microphone input, C1 version with 2.5 Hz resolution, etc.)
  • 6 months warranty.
  • Also available in black.

    Various integrated circuits from remainders:      PDF list

  • Many rare / hard-to-find and specialty parts (e.g., high-speed ADC, DSP, microcontroller, FPGA).
  • Always unused and in mint condition.
  • Partly originally packed, partly open (baking may be necessary for moisture-sensitive parts).
  • No warranty, no returns.
  • Make an offer, or we will research current prices. Complete purchase of individual positions is preferred (discount possible).