The protection of your personal data is very important to us! Therefore, we want to shortly inform you about our data protection measures and about your possibilities to influence them. For full information, please have a look at our complete

Privacy Policy

(PDF file; might require the installation of a program for reading PDF files on your PC). We will gladly send you our Privacy Policy on request via email as a PDF or text file. For all requests concerning privacy and how to exercise your rights, please use our email or postal address according to our

Contact Information.


What personal data do we process and why

In order to maintain electronic communication, we need your email address (which also contains your name in full or in part or as a "nickname"). This information is stored in our in-house e-mail program. In addition, the reception paths of each email (IP and server addresses, etc.). They are almost exclusively used by us, but in individual cases can also be forwarded to business partners or other email recipients. In this case we inform you about the forwarding of your email.

Personal details that you transmit to us when sending an email to us (for example, your telephone number or address) are also stored in the email program and, if necessary, forwarded. Since you offer this information yourself and voluntarily, we presuppose your consent to processing.

Telephone numbers or telephone calls for audio (-visual) communication are only stored for a short time (a few days), if those are necessary for further communication or business transaction.

Should we conclude a valid contract with you in any way (like purchase, sale, loan, work order, etc.), all necessary data (such as address, delivery address, goods and their values, customer and invoice numbers etc. ) will be stored in our in-house accounting program. Where appropriate, this data may also be shared with other processors (such as tax advisors, auditors, tax authorities, etc.).

When visiting this and possibly other websites of our company, the service provider (provider of the storage space for the website on one or more servers) stores information about the visitor (for example, the IP address and website from which the visit was made) , This data only serves the purpose of operating and monitoring and the security of the website. This data is automatically deleted at certain intervals.

We do not use your personal information for an automated evaluation beyond what is absolutely necessary for normal business transactions. In particular, there is no further processing for purposes such as profiling, advertising, address trading, newsletters, site survey and the like.


What rights and options do you have regarding the processing of your data

You can always request complete information about all data stored with us and their use (by email, by phone, or by post, please have a look at our Contact Information). For this purpose, we will send you a tabular excerpt (Excel file) of your personal data from our processing programs. On special request, we can also send you the list as a text file (unformatted), as a PDF file or as a hardcopy printout.

You may object to the processing of your data at any time, as well as request their deletion or the restriction of processing. Please note that some data may not be deletable or the processing cannot be objected to or restricted. This applies to all data that we need to store for legal periods of time (for the most part 10 years), such as invoices, sales contracts, payments, etc.

At any time, you have the right to appeal to the responsible supervisory authority about the processing of data by us.