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  • 2021


    Special offers during the Ham Radio fair! Orders can only be placed for the duration of the fair from June 25th, 2021 to June 27th, 2021 via email to B.Reuter@[our web address]!

    As every year, we are offering a special series of our popular Reuter Pocket receivers:

    Pocket S1  2x14 Bit Direct Conversion Receiver 1 kHz - 30 MHz + 50 MHz - 71 MHz + 87 MHz - 110 MHz + 130 MHz - 156 MHz: 999.00 €

    We are also offering a special version of our Reuter sPocket this year:

    sPocket S1  2x16 Bit Direct Conversion Receiver 1 kHz - 30 MHz + 50 MHz - 71 MHz + 87 MHz - 110 MHz + 130 MHz - 156 MHz: 1699.00 €

    The delivery of the devices begins immediately after the trade fair on a first-come-first-serve basis, as long as our stock lasts. Orders that cannot be delivered immediately will be delivered a few weeks after the trade fair. Unfortunately, the supply situation is currently very tense, so an early order ensures a faster delivery!

    We wish all interested parties a lot of fun strolling around the virtual fair, always the best radio conditions and good health!


    The RFA1B has arrived!


    The active ferrite antenna RFA1B is the weatherproof outdoor version of the RFA1A. It does not contain a built-in control and can be remotely adjusted using an RSW4 remote controller or one of our Pocket, sPocket or RDR55 receivers. The high output power and digital control allow for long cables between the antenna and the control unit / receiver. Its small size allows it to be installed inconspicuously at a convenient reception location. By forgoing the internal control (especially omission of the display -> no interference from intrinsic interference), the RFA1B achieves a high level of sensitivity.

    The RFA1B will be available from May. Orders will be accepted from the end of April when the new price list is published.

    Note: All current RFA1A devices contain modified firmware with the option to switch off the integrated display. This prevents any intrinsic disturbances. Older devices can be sent in to update the firmware (please inquire by email beforehand).


    New software for all receivers available.

    For RDR51 “Pocket”, RDR53 “sPocket” and RDR55, the latest firmware is available for download free of charge on the corresponding product pages. Please note the updated descriptions (PDF) in the “Documentation” sections. The most important additions:

    - Tuning step size 8.3333 kHz (or any other with 0.3 Hz period) with real periodic fraction to avoid additive tuning errors when continuously adjusting the reception frequency.

    - Frequency tuning by tapping the spectrum / waterfall on the touchscreen. The high-resolution and precise spectrum display of the RDR devices allows the selection of individual spectral lines and immediate adjustment to the frequency of that line. Suitable touch pens with a fine tip are available for all devices to enable the touch screen to be touched as precisely as possible (generally less precise than a computer mouse).


    New tablet for the RDR 53 “sPocket” available.

    With immediate effect, tablets from the latest production (version “X”) will be supplied with the sPocket. These are significantly more powerful and thus enable faster operation and spectrum display. The WiFi connection between the tablet and the basic unit is also more stable. A touch pen is supplied with the new tablets (more precise operation of the touch screen)!

    We offer an inexpensive upgrade service for older devices. The previous tablet can be converted to Windows 10 and used for any purpose (upgrade 250 euros) or returned (upgrade 150 euros).

    Depending on availability, the returned tablets that are still in good condition are resetted to Windows 10 and are available as used devices with a 6-month guarantee for 150 euros!

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