The portable receiver “Pocket” is able to receive from 0 ... 30 MHz + 6-meter + 4-meter with optional FM / 2-meter / DAB(+) or transceiver operation on 10 SW bands + 6-meter or broadband 100 kHz … 151 MHz. Its bright display with touchscreen operation and small size / weight render it an ideal companion for demanding operators.

  • General Information

    The device possesses a 2-part casing made out of a high-strength and light magnesium alloy and an aluminum front panel. The bright WVGA display (800 x 480 pixels) with a size of 4.3” (109 mm) contains a touch panel for easy operation of the device. An additional rotary encoder in the shape of a “scroll wheel” allows for quick adjustments of set values.

    The Reuter Pocket contains the complete spectrum based RDR technology of the newest generation in a low power version. The integrated lithium ion accumulator suffices for about 4 operating hours with all activated functions (RX). With activated power saving functions, the operating time is considerably longer.

    User interface and device functionality are optimized for portable operation. A multitude of possible settings is available, normally only found in large stationary devices. The reception performance of 2x16 bit (optional, standard is 2x14 bit) Direct Sampling and spectrum based signal processing is in accordance with this appliance class, too.

    The device is currently available with only a short delivery time (about 1 - 2 weeks) . The following device versions are available:

    RDR Pocket

    Some additional pictures and information can be found at (in German):

    Current reviews (in German):

    • Pocket B1: Receiver 0 ... 30 MHz / 50 ..71 MHz, 2 x 14 Bit ADC, max 8 GB Flash recorder
    • Pocket C1: Receiver 0 ... 30 MHz / 50 ..71 MHz, 2 x 16 Bit ADC, max 8 GB Flash recorder
    • Pocket B2 / C2: as B1 / C1, additionally with FM 87 ... 110 MHz / 130 ... 156 MHz / DAB+
    • Pocket C4: as C2, additionally with TX 0.1 ... 156 MHz, max. 2.5 mW
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