The RAP1 is an active (with amplifier) preselector for radio receivers. It provides preselection to relieve the RX from high sum voltages from wideband antennas. Receivers without sufficient selectivity and input power tolerance thus generate less IM distortion, direct sampling devices ("SDR") require less attenuation.

  • General Information

    The active preselector RAP1 contains a low-pass filter 0 - 0.5 MHz and 3 bandpass filters, each with 2 circuits, for the frequency range 0.5 - 30 MHz. In addition, active antennas can be remotely powered and the RLA4 antennas can be remotely controlled. An integrated microcontroller allows single-button operation and, with the aid of adjustable gain, automatic correction of the frequency-dependent filter attenuations. Gain reserve can be used as preamplification/attenuation if required.

    The device can be controlled remotely from a remote control unit or receiver RDR5x via the RF cable, as well as from IT devices via a WiFi connection. Firmware updates are also possible via an RDR52 or WiFi connection.

    The RAP1 is available in 2 versions:

    • RAP1C: Preselector without remote power supply / control option for antennas.
    • RAP1D: Preselector with remote control possibility of RLA4 antennas and remote power supply possibility of any antennas up to 12 V / 200 mA.
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