Current software for the RDR50: Software_RDR50Vx09.ZIP

Contains configuration RDR50CVx09 for all RDR50B and RDR50C devices as well as RDR50AV309 for older RDR50A. “x” according to language and RDS decoder of the user interface as with older software.

Careful! Always copy the needed / desired configuration into the directory from which the bootloader shall load the firmware! Always copy all affiliated files for tasks into the directory.

After the update, the calibration of the device is undefined (is not loaded from memory or undo memory anymore). A recalibration is now saved independently from memory content and firmware update.

Careful! Older RDR50 devices (Bootloader V101) lose their memory content of spaces 1 to 35 when updating!  If important settings are saved there, place them on other spaces beforehand!  Devices with Bootloader V102 are save from memory loss. A bootloader update can only be performed by the manufacturer.

PC software for saving and editing the memory content follows!

Last software for the RDR50: SoftwareRDR50_Vx07.ZIP

V307: german, V407: english, V507: american.

Only one version can be saved in the RDR50 at the same time. Delete or move the unneeded versions to another directory after extracting!

The software is suited for all RDR50B and RDR50C devices. Please ask for RDR50A software by  e-mail!

Penultimate software for the RDR50: SoftwareRDR50_Vx06.ZIP

V306: german, V406: english, V506: american.

Delete or move the respectively unneeded file RDR50CV305, 405 or 505 into another directory! Only one version can be saved in the RDR50 at the same time.

Never load a file for another module! Damages could occur otherwise. Before the user interface is loaded, immediately update accidentally false loaded software at once!

Only use for the RDR50!