The microphone equalizer RME1 is a digital audio signal processor, primarily intended for editing the microphone signal of radio equipment.

  • General Information

    The device has various in- and outputs for connecting diverse microphones and to forward the signal to the radio equipment. 2 microphones can be active at a given time and the volume of their signals can be configured and blended together. The PTT signal for activating the transmitter may come from the microphone, a separate key (for example, a foot switch) or activated in the device via a button press or VOX. The complete control takes place via the capacitive touch screen of the WVGA display with glass surface. 6 independent configuration profiles are storable.

    The following features are implemented:

    • Level pre-regulator, volume control for TX
    • Level meter logarithmic (dB)
    • Squelch (Noisegate), level and delay adjustable
    • 8 band Equalizer 16 dB
    • Squelch, VOX, Anti-VOX, ALC, volume compressor switchable
    • PTT-Reject, PTT-Excite
    • Monitoring (Headphones)
    • In- / outputs symmetrical and asymmetrical, convertible
    • 48 V phantom power for condenser microphones
    • Supply with 6 V ... 14 DC (for example, a wall wart) or USB

    The microphone equalizer RME1 is available from spring 2015.

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