PC software only for devices with RDR35 module or for RDR50D, connection via USB (old drivers have to be installed, see below) or via WiFi (preferred).

PC software for RDR55E (with RDR35D, E or F module): RDR35F.ZIP (contains EXE file!)

PC software for RDR50/54/55D (with RDR35B or C module): RDR35E.ZIP (contains EXE file!)

PC software for RDR50 and RDR54/55 with module RDR25 (w/o WiFi): RDR54_USB.ZIP

Contains USB drivers and information for the software update. Also contains drivers for Windows since 98 and for Windows 7 32 bit as well as 64 bit. Please note: when connecting all other RDR versions, the device is always registered as “Reuter RDR54”.

Careful! The drivers are not “signed”! The signature enforcement in Windows 7 must be disabled for a successful installation! This has to be performed at the first usage or after a reboot, too. (Can normally be accessed via choosing the appropriate option in the boot menu with button F8 at the start of the PC. Please take a look at the documentation for Windows 7.)

Application RDR25A.exe allows flashing the firmware into the individual modules (“external tasks”) of the RDR54/55 as well as the user interface (“Configuration”). It also contains a feature for copying and saving the display content (“Screendump”) for all devices with USB port.

Application UpdateRDR.exe flashes the complete firmware with all necessary tasks into the devices, that do not allow saving of multiple configurations (RDR50/51/160, RME1). The update is performed mostly automatically. The bootloader must be led to the directory that contains the files to be downloaded (and only these!).

A helpful guide to updating the firmware of the RDR54 (from Mr. E. Schubert): RDR54_Update.PDF (currently only available in german, to be translated).

Please mind the information in the manual of the devices for firmware updating and the described approach!