The portable receiver sPocket is a freely configurable SW receiver / transceiver with optional VHF / 2 m reception and transceiver operation. A removable tablet serving as a bright and large display with touch screen operation allows for battery operation and a variety of combinations.

  • General Information

    The device consists of a highly stable aluminum milled housing and a dynamically dockable tablet as a display / touch screen. The sPocket is fully operable via the tablet, including audio output. A connection via WiFi allows the wireless separation of the control panel and sPocket. The docking of both parts is purely magnetic and adjustable in different positions. This results in a highly dynamic setup and operation. The high-quality rotary encoder utilized as a "scroll wheel" as well as two powerful speakers, together with the 10" display (25.4 cm) diagonal in full HD resolution make working with the sPocket a pleasure.

    The sPocket contains the spectrum based RDR technology of the newest generation with full 2.5 Hz resolution. FM module (FM broadcast, extended 2 m range, DAB / DAB+) and various transmitter modules (high quality exciter, polar modulator) can be installed. The equipment with up to four 16 bit ADC for absolute peak reception power is possible.

    The sPocket’s user interface and device features are similar to that of the other RDRs. However, the high resolution of the tablet allows for a wider sprectum display (1024 lines without interpolation), waterfall display, additional control elements such as a virtual scroll wheel etc.

    The sPocket is in full production and available with delivery time of a few days depending on the ordered version.


    Separated from “Notebook position”


    Docked “Handheld Landscape”


    Transport position in full operation


    Transport position switched off

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