The small station receiver RDR52 is a configurable SW receiver with options for FM / 2 m / DAB(+) reception and transceiver operation. The bright WVGA 4.3” display with touchscreen and the additional rotary encoders for frequency tuning and volume control enable easy operation.

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    The device consists of a stable aluminum profile housing (chromated and powder-coated) with a 5 mm front panel and 2 mm rear panel (anodized). Highly effective loudspeakers enable good stereo reproduction even in this relatively small device. An optical rotary encoder with a large rotary knob (plastic or solid metal) allows sensitive adjustments. The HF connections are implemented in the widespread BNC standard, the power supply is provided via a standard hollow pin socket with 9 ... 15 V DC.

    The latest generation of spectrum-based RDR circuitry with a resolution of up to 10 Hz is integrated into the RDR52. FM module (FM radio, extended 2 m range, DAB / DAB+) and two different transmitter modules (5 mW broadband exciter or 5 W 11 band SW / 6 m transmitter) can be equipped. The installation of two 16 bit ADC ensures very good reception performance.

    The user interface and device functions of the RDR52 are very similar to the Reuter Pocket mobile device. However, the absence of built-in batteries and the equipment of larger loudspeakers and rotary knobs optimize the RDR52 for operation as a full-fledged station receiver / QRP transceiver.

    The RDR52 is in full production.

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    Standard version black


    Special version metal

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