The measurement and communications receiver RDR55 can be flexible configured for many purposes in the range of 0 Hz up to VHF. Its big display and the up-to-date touch screen control allow for fast operation of the device.

  • General Information

    The device consists of a basic unit (Mainframe RMF22) with bus board and pluggable modules. The modules can be back-mounted in 9 slots. The front of the RDR55 is pre-configured (single front panel). The 7” (178 mm) wide-screen display contains a touch panel for easy control of the device. The smooth and non-locking optical encoder allows for a quick change of the settings.

    All back-mounted modules of the RMF system can be installed. Because of the greater height of the casing opposite to the RDR54, the modules possess higher front panels.

    Casing (AI profiles / milled side elements) and front modules are available in AI  grey or black, back modules are always anodised in aluminium. Customer specific modules for special tasks can be manufactured.

    The RMF system has a proprietary operating system (real-time multi-task / multi processor) at its disposal, for cross-linking the modules across various data interfaces. It implements the functionality of a digital receiver with very fast graphic representation (spectrum, operation) into the RDR55. With the corresponding modules, a transceiver expansion is possible.

    You can find out more about the RMF 22 system here: RMF-Bus(german).

    The RDR55 is currently available as RDR55E1. Delivery takes, depending on equipment, two to several weeks.

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